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Testimonials | Roberto's Copper Fountains

I purchased a Cat Tail Rain Tree Table Top copper fountain from Roberto in June of 2008. It is still going strong and sounds so nice – not just the usual water sound, but as the water drip to each level, it almost sounds like little chimes. I love it. Thanks Roberto!

I purchased the Rain tree table top with the fluted base and it is absolutely stunning. This is craftsmanship at it’s finest. The water cascades from both sides providing a 360 degree view and a very soothing atmosphere. I look forward to the patina changing over time as I expect to enjoy this fountain for years to come. Roberto’s fountains are not only functional but beautiful pieces of art. Thank you 


Bruce Lieberman

We visited Mr. Marquez’s tent at the Santa Fe art show a couple of weeks ago and fell in love with the craftsmanship of his fountains. Our tabletop fountain arrived today, carefully packed and in perfect condition. Setup couldn’t have been easier. We’re very pleased with our purchase

Stephen Parquet

Raintree table top 

Calla Lily table top 


CatTail table top

CatTail table top 

Purchased a table top cat tail yesterday at Tubac Festival. Have it working now and love it. Very unique. It will be going home to Bonney Lake, WA with us to enjoy this summer on our patio. Thank you Roberto. You craft very unique and quality fountains.


We were at the March Festival in Tempe and my husband and I were impressed with your fountain artwork. We live in northern California.

Georgianne Champion

It is a stunning piece of art work! And we love the sound the water makes as it cascades down into the base.
Your fountains are gorgeous, Roberto! We have received numerous compliments on this beautiful fountain. Thank you so much!

Karen Buck Somers

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